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Understanding Green Pest Control


Unlike what most people think, green pest control doesn't mean that you are getting an ineffective pest control strategy. Instead, this means that you are getting a pest control strategy that embraces prevention, client awareness, inspection, and education as measures of controlling pests. While many people have heard of the term green pest control, not everyone understands what it actually entails.



Green pest control starts by learning how and why a pest entered your home. The professionals practicing in this field know everything about pests including their lifecycle and can tell their preferred nesting locations. This makes them able to use innovative pest control strategies that are less hazardous to property, people, and plant life. In IPM, professionals use common practices in addition to environmentally sensitive chemicals to eradicate all pests.



An example of a strategy that green pest control uses is the installation of window and door screens to prevent pests from entering. In this case, if the pests in question are birds, you will have not only prevented them from entering your home, but also avoided killing or harming them in the process. Other alternatives used include traps and solar powered repellents which keep off pests without harming the environment. For more facts and information about pest control, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/how_5082517_license-pest-control-company.html.



Green pest control products are made of both organic and natural ingredients. The products are designed to be effective in controlling pests and also biodegradable to avoid causing harm to the environment. In most cases, green pest management practices are just as effective as the other non-green treatments yet they provide an environment that is safe for your kids and pets. IPM, in general, reduces the risk of an infestation and offers a cost effective solution.



In IPM, professionals use different strategies to specifically target pests while leaving the environment intact. This process sets an action threshold, monitors pests, and prevents them from returning to your home or building. When working on eradication of pests, green pest control experts at inman-murphy.com learn how large an infestation is and ensure that the right kind of pest elimination strategies are implemented for the best solution.



There are different methods used in green pest control and if you have a specific one in mind, make sure that the company you choose provides it. You should also ensure that the company uses purely green pest control methods and not chemicals that may end up harming you, your children, or pets. Your safety is important and this should be clear when choosing a pest control company, click here to get started